Library Documentation
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
KHOT_PARAMSHot plug parameter structure
KISO_CONTEXTStructure describing a user defined isochronous transfer
KISO_PACKETStructure describing an isochronous transfer packet
KLIB_VERSIONLibusbK verson information structure
KLST_DEV_COMMON_INFOCommon usb device information structure
KLST_DEVINFOSemi-opaque device information structure of a device list
KLST_PATTERN_MATCHDevice list/hot-plug pattern match structure
KSTM_CALLBACKStream callback structure
KSTM_INFOStream information structure
KSTM_XFER_CONTEXTStream transfer context structure
KUSB_DRIVER_APIDriver API function set structure
KUSB_DRIVER_API_INFOUSB core driver API information structure
KUSB_SETUP_PACKETKUSB control setup packet
USB_COMMON_DESCRIPTORA structure representing the common USB descriptor
USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTORA structure representing the standard USB configuration descriptor
USB_DEVICE_DESCRIPTORA structure representing the standard USB device descriptor
USB_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTORA structure representing the standard USB endpoint descriptor
USB_INTERFACE_ASSOCIATION_DESCRIPTORAllows hardware manufacturers to define groupings of interfaces
USB_INTERFACE_DESCRIPTORA structure representing the standard USB interface descriptor
USB_STRING_DESCRIPTORA structure representing the standard USB string descriptor
WINUSB_PIPE_INFORMATIONThe WINUSB_PIPE_INFORMATION structure contains pipe information that the UsbK_QueryPipe routine retrieves
WINUSB_SETUP_PACKETThe WINUSB_SETUP_PACKET structure describes a USB setup packet