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libusbK.sys Comparisons

libusbK.sys compared to other USB kernel drivers

libusbK.sys advantages when compared to libusb0.sys:

  • Winusb-like power management.
  • Winusb-like pipe policies.
  • Driver-level asynchronous transfer timeouts.
  • Improved isochronous transfer support.
  • Newer, more robust KMDF based design.

libusbK.sys disadvantages when compared to libusb0.sys:

  • Does not support multiple configurations.
  • Does not support a "filter driver" mode.
  • Significantly larger device driver installation packages.
  • Less tolerant of usb devices which or not fully compliant with usb specifications.

libusbK.sys advantages when compared to WinUSB.sys:

  • Full isochronous transfer support.
  • Supports of XP64, Windows 2003, and Win2K (unofficial, see above comments)
  • Supports device reset.
  • Open source nature can eliminate the need for UDMF solutions.
  • Allows proccesses concurrent access to the same device.
  • Smaller driver installation packages.

libusbK.sys disadvantages when compared to WinUSB.sys:

  • libusbK will not function as a lower filter driver of a UDMF driver as WinUSB.sys will.
  • WinUSB is pre-packaged with Vista and up.
  • Windows 8 has unique native support for WinUSB devices.