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Creating Client Installers With InfWizard

Self-contained end-user installer applications created by InfWizard.


  • libusbK client installers combine proven LZMA sfx technology with a professional driver installation tool creating a tightly packed and feature rich solution for end-user driver installations.


  • Packaged in a modified LZMA sfx module. See: This module is highly configurable with installer-like options.
  • Uses dpinst.exe, by Microsoft. Dpinst.exe is a robust multi-language driver installation utility. This utility has a set of configurable wizard screens to ease end-user installations. Features also include:

ORDER OF OPERATIONS (InstallDriver.exe - default config):

  1. End-user launches InstallDriver.exe. If not already running with elevated permssions, the user will immediately be prompted with a UAC warning: If you do not sign InstallDriver.exe with a code signing certificate, the UAC prompt will display "Unknown Name" and "Unknown Publisher" in the message box. Purchasing a cheap code signing certificate will allow you to set these values.
  2. SFX module:Extracts driver setup files to a temporary folder.
  3. SFX module:Runs dpscat.exe. This utility creates self signed catalog files from .inf files and the binaries they reference. These signed catalog files prevent windows from prompting the user with an unverified publisher warning:
  4. SFX module:Runs dpinst.exe. Device drivers are pre-installed. If the device has not been connected it will be available for use upon first connection. All devices known to windows matching your hardware IDs will be flagged for re-install. If the device is currently connected, drivers are immediately installed, the device is retarted and available immediately.
  5. SFX module:On wizard exit, removes the temporary extraction folder.

ORDER OF OPERATIONS (re-pack-files.cmd - default config):

  1. The following files are compressed into a normal LZMA .7z file:
    • All ".inf" files in the current folder
    • All files and folders starting with "dpinst" in the current folder.
    • All files matching "dpscat.*" in the current folder.
    • All files and folders in the x86, amd64, and data sub-folders. (recursive)
  2. The SFX module, SFX config file and .7z file are merged together using a binary copy. eg: COPY /B sfx_module+sfx_config+files.7z installer.exe
Run the "re-pack-files.cmd" batch file after modifying any part of the package.